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Born in 1996, in 2011  she started study Audiovisual Arts in Naples (Italy), during high school she started her career as a photographer working in Italy for different companies, and also working as a medical photographer in Dermatologic laser area. After three years she started to work  as camera operator for companies, live events, commercial TV, music videos, short films and features films. 

After numerous publications and exhibitions as photographic exibition at Maschio Angioino Castle in Naples and at the U.S. Consulate General of Naples and pubblication in most famous Italian newspaper like Il Mattino, Roma, Reppublica and others, after she was selected for project "MAF Mythos, Arte & Foto'' in the initiative of the Municipality of Naples "June Youth" and pubblications in medical books for dermatologic studies selled around the world, Maria moved to Los Angeles (CA) in 2019 and she studied Filmmaking program at New York Film Academy. After graduation she was cinematographer for several short films, commercial and music video in Los Angeles and also Maria was nominee and won several awards as director of "Painted Survival" and as cinrmatographer of other short films.

She was Best Student Director and Best First Time Director at ISA Film Festival, Best Woman Short at Indie Short Fest. The same short film also has several selection and screenings in film festivals and won a cinematography awards (ISA, Culver City Film Festival, Hollywood Silver Screen ecc..) 

She becomes SOC (Society of Camera Operators) Associate member in June 2019.

She is certified Colorist DaVinci Resolve 1° lev.

Maria is currently based in Los Angeles embracing new opportunities as a cinematographer, plans to continue working in USA and around the world.

Born in 1992 in Naples, after high school graduation he studied Filmmaking at Up Level school in 2015 (Naples, Italy). So Francesco began his experience as camera operator for different Italain companies, he worked for music videos, commercial TV, short films and feature films. 

He also studied Digital Film Production at SAE Institue in Milan in 2017. 

Working as camera operator Francesco won his first award during that period at 48H Milan.

In 2018 he moved to Los Angeles (CA) and studied Cinematography at New York film Academy, after graduation he was a cinematographer and camera operator for several short films, music video and commercial, he won cinematography awards at ISA Film Festival and was finalist in LACA Film Festival. He partecipated in severel film festivals during 2019 (Culver City Film Festival, Hollywood Silver Screen, ISA, LACA ecc..)

He also becomes SOC (Society of Camera Operators) student member in May 2019.

Francesco is based and operating in Los Angeles area always looking for new opportunities as a cinematographer.

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  • Instagram - Bianco Circle